PIBSA-1000 Polyofene butadiacin
Product Introduction:

PIBSA-1000 is polyisobutylene succinic anhydride that prepared by high-activity polyisobutylene (Mn =1000) and maleic anhydride, can be used for the preparation of fine performance ashless dispersant, can also be used to produce other additives

Product Technical Specification:
ItemIndexTypical ValueTest method
AppearanceViscous Transparent LiquidViscous Transparent LiquidVisual inspection
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/sTest600ASTM D445
Saponification Value, mgKOH/g≮100110XRF-FXJC-FSJ06-2019
Free Acid Value, m%≯1.00.4XRF-FXJC-FSJ07-2019

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

The product is packed with iron drums, net weight of 170Kg per, and suitable for all kinds of transportation modes.
The temperature of storage and transportation shall not over 75℃; The highest temperature for long-term storage shall not over 45℃, 24 months product warranty, and stored in a dry, clean and ventilated warehouse.
In case of contact with skin accidentally, wash it off thoroughly with water and detergents.