RF6068 CH-4 Diesel Engine Oil Package
Product Introduction:

RF6068 is diesel engine oil package blended by various kinds of additives, such as high quality detergent, dispersant, antioxidant and corrosion inhibitor, etc. The CH-4 grade diesel engine oil blended by RF6068 has excellent soot dispersing performance, high temperature detergency, anti-wear,anti-oxidation/anti-corrosion performances.It has passed Cat-1K, Cummins ISM,Mack-T8E,Sequence IIIE and RFWT etc engine bench tests.

Product Technical Specification:
API Performance LevelSAE Viscosity GradeTreating Rate (mass%)
CH-410W/40, 15W/40, 20W/5010.8%

ItemTypical ValueTest Method
AppearanceRed-brown viscous liquidVisual Inspection
Density (20℃),   kg/m3ReportASTM D4052
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/sReportASTM D445
Flash Point (COC), ℃≥180ASTM D92
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g91ASTM D2896
Mo Content, m%0.057ASTM D4951
Zn Content, m%1.28ASTM D4951
Ca Content, m%2.90ASTM D4951
P Content, m%1.11ASTM D4951

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

The storage temperature should not exceed 50℃, the loading/unloading and blending temperature should not exceed 60℃.
It is not flammable, not explosive, not corrosive, in the items of safety, environment protection, use, etc, it is same as normal petroleum product, with no special protection.
Product package: The product is packed with 200 litre iron drum or according to user’s requirement. Specific weight of delivery is subject to the actual filling weight.