RF6170 SM Gasoline Engine Oil Package
Product Introduction:

RF6170 is formulated with a variety of additives such as good quality detergent, dispersant and anti-oxidation, etc. It has excellent detergency and dispersancy and oxidation stability, can effectively inhibit oil oxidation deterioration and sediment, prevent the engine wear. The SAE 5W/30 gasoline engine oil what is blended with this product has passed the program IIIG, IIIGA, IVA, VG, VIII engine bench test and can meet the performance requirements of API SM gasoline engine oil.

Product Technical Specification:
API Performance LevelTreating Rate (mass%)

ItemTypical ValueTest Method
AppearanceBrown viscous liquidVisual Inspection
Flash Point (COC), ℃≥190ASTM D92
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s97ASTM D445
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g84ASTM D2896
N Content, m%1.0ASTM D3228
S Content, m%1.6ASTM D4951
Zn Content, m%0.9ASTM D4951
Ca Content, m%2.0ASTM D4951

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

For storage, the maximum temperature should not exceed 50℃. During loading/unloading and blending, the maximum temperature should not exceed 60℃.
It is not flammable, not explosive, not corrosive, in the items of safety, environment protection, use, etc., it is same as normal petroleum product, with no special protection.
Product package: The product is packed with 200 litre iron drum or according to user’s requirement. Specific weight of delivery is subject to the actual filling weight.