RF6311 Marine Cylinder Oil Package
Product Introduction:

RF6311 cylinder oil package is composed of high-performance detergent, dispersant and other additives.The 40BN Marine cylinder oil blended by this package has excellent detergency and dispersibility and anti-wear performance, can quickly neutralize acid substances, and can meet the lubrication requirements of low-speed two-stroke cross head marine engine cylinder.

Product Technical Specification:
Marine Cylinder Oil40TBN Treating Rate (mass%)

ItemTypical ValueTest Method
AppearanceBrown viscous liquidVisual Inspection
Kinematic Viscosity (100℃), mm2/s185ASTM D445
Flash Point (COC), ℃≮170ASTM D92
Ca Content, %(m/m)10.9ASTM D4951
Total Base Number, mgKOH/g295ASTM D2896
Sulfate Ash Content, %(m/m)37.2ASTM D874

Packaging Storage and Transportation:

During storage, loading/unloading and blending, the maximum temperature should not exceed 75℃. If storage for long time, the maximum temperature should not exceed 45℃.
It is not flammable, not explosive, not corrosive, in the items of safety, environment protection, use, etc., it is same as normal petroleum product, with no special protection.
Product package: The product is packed with 200 litre iron drum or according to user’s requirement. Specific weight of delivery is subject to the actual filling weight.